2014 > 2013, But 2013 Was Pretty Damn Good

To The Good People At Khon's in Houston

Last night, we showed up at your fine establishment around 8:30pm, prepared to unload, setup, play and eventually leave around 1:30/2am.

Indiegogo Campaign Kickoff!

Tired (Official Promo Video)

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The Brood is All of Us

Life is a gift. Life becomes infinitely more amazing when you realize you create with every thought, breathe, word and action. Mindfully, we join with the flow of the Great River and bring reality into being…manifesting one second at a time.

This is why we're here.

This is what we do.

When you know this, you are part of the Brood.

Welcome to the Brood

Brood [brood]:

  • a family of offspring
  • a breed, species, group or kind

Viper [vahy-per]: